Our Brand

In 1988 the three brothers saw the gap in the denim wear industry and decided to start a much-engineered denim range with their brand. In-depth knowledge about the product was the key point of their development from a Laundry to a Brand.

The Name “VOI” was decided when the 3 brothers took a trip to Italy in 88. VOI, which stands for “YOU” in Italian, Which is the forefront ideology of the brand where “YOU” the customer in mind is the most important part of our Operations. This is where the brothers decide to move from laundering to making denims for the consumer.

In 1994 As the brand grew bigger and bigger they moved out of Preston for the manufacturing requirements and started outsourcing the production requirements to countries such as China, Hong kong, Japan, Turkey and Bangladesh.

94 was the time when the world started noticing the Engineered garments especially denims.Then they started an Engineered constructed look into denims, which turned round a new leaf for them in the Denim category.
Then the invention of the new Berkem evolved, adding a new dimension in Jeans Wear industry moving from basic authentic 5 pocket jeans to a more stylized avatar.

Voi started getting a lot recognition in terms of their design, cast, quality of fabric and engineered approach to the denim construction.

In 2000 The Family decided to restrict them self completely to their Own brand and stopped washing and related processes for other brands. From this time on VOi became their sole business proposition as the brand required focused dedication keeping in mind the unmatched demand and success of the brand in UK.

This was the time when VOi was recognized by a lot of Big Wholesaler like BANKS, ASOS, Foot Asylum, Littlewoods and more.VOI was seen in almost all the Big Denim resellers and was recognized as one of the top denim brands in UK. 

From Just denims they went to a complete range in garments, with Polos, T Shirts, Jackets, Shorts and Accessories. Which catered to the complete wardrobe requirements of the new age consumer.

VOI started generating interest in wholesalers from outside the UK, but the Brothers decided to resist the temptation till they become a sizeable brand in UK, and convince themselves that they have now graduated to take VOI out of UK. For them making the brand available outside the UK was possible only when he brand gets into a commanding position in UK. In 2010 VOI Jeans was stocked and sold from more than 300 independent retailers in the UK. This was the time they re-invented their engineered product construction ideology and constructed the “Denim Joggers” a combination between the traditional Joggers and Washed denims.

The Denim Jogger was a runaway success in the UK, taking the market by storm selling more than 300,000 pieces. Other Brands started following the same trend. Now was the time when the brand decided to take their engineered construction ideology to other countries such as Germany, Russia, France and Holland, this was their first step in the European Market.From just a denim brand to successfully creating a complete one stop offering with men collection and gaining their credibility in the accessories, footwear and now fragrances. With a Heritage building as their Head Office in Preston contributed with its code in the new age designs PR14LZ is visible significantly in the designs to embed the past because from this place it all started.